Mayor Bill Euille calls for candidates in 8th district to sign Clean Campaign Pledge


    For Immediate Release:

    Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille calls on candidates for 8th district Democratic Nomination to Sign Clean Campaign Pledge

    Alexandria Mayor and Virginia 8th Congressional candidate, William D. “Bill” Euille, is asking all candidates for the 8th District nomination to sign this Clean Campaign Pledge to acknowledge the value of positive, issue focused campaigns.

    “With 11 great candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the 8th district we should be focused on our various policy differences and accomplishments, not on misleading and dirty attacks,” said Mayor Euille.  

    “Whoever wins this nomination will need the strong support of all Democrats in the 8th district to win the general election and a negative focus from any of us jeopardizes that support.  That’s why I have signed this clean campaign pledge and urge all ten of my friends also competing for the nomination to do the same.”

    The Clean Campaign Pledge

    As a candidate for the Democratic nomination to represent Virginia’s 8th District in the United States Congress, and in a spirit of fairness and transparency, I pledge that:

    • I will conduct my campaign honestly, openly and fairly. I will discuss the issues and participate in fair public debate with respect to my views and qualifications.

    • I will not engage in, permit or condone defamatory attacks upon the character of my opponent(s);

    • I will not use or permit use of any campaign material or advertisement which misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding my opponent(s).

    • I will publicly repudiate support from any individual or group whose activities would violate this Fair Campaign Pledge.

    In signing this pledge, I assume personal control over and responsibility for the conduct of my campaign.


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    Bill Euille is running for Congress to ensure that everyone is part of our success here in Northern Virginia

    For more information on Mayor Euille’s campaign for congress visit

    Direct any questions or interview requests to Campaign Manager Zach Marcus by email at or by phone at 703-994-6299

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