Moran stands apart. Foreign Policy and Military Issues in 8th CD


    Progressive foreign policy and military issues need to be a key criteria for selecting the 8th congressional district representative for Virginia.

    Others have proposed valuable domestic progressive criteria for selecting the best candidate for the 8th congressional district. We also need progressive criteria related to foreign policy and military affairs.  Moran really stands apart from many of the other area congresspeople when it comes to these issues. We need someone like Moran. Not like Hoyer, Connolly or Van Hollen.

    I have aggregated the performance statistics of DC area representatives from 3 progressive organizations,

    Peace Action,

    Council For A Livable World, and

    the Arab American Institute.

    These progressive organizations have worked for years to reduce military spending and promote human rights.

    Moran and Edwards and Van Hollen are progressive on military/war/security issues.  Hoyer, Connolly, and Wolf are hawks who support extravagant pentagon budgets, foreign wars, and our massive spying and surveillance infrastructure.

    On Middle East, mass surveillance, and immigration issues, Moran and Edwards stand out. Hoyer, Connolly, Wolf and Van Hollen have performed poorly.

    We need to ask questions of these candidates to determine whether they meet a progressive standard set by the likes of Moran and Edwards.

         Council for a Livable World: Total Percentage Ranking

       Representative   Ranking  Time Period

    Rep. Edwards (MD) 95% 2008-2012

    Rep. Van Hollen (MD) 92% 2003-2012

    Rep. Hoyer (MD)        65% 2000-2012

    Rep. Moran (VA)        78% 2000-2012

    Rep. Wolf (VA)        16% 2000-2012

    Rep. Connolly (VA) 67% 2011-2012

    Many of these votes focus on military overspending and nuclear abolition.

    Peace Action West: Total Percentage Ranking

       Representative   Ranking  Time Period

    Rep. Edwards (MD) 92% 2008-2012

    Rep. Van Hollen (MD) 68% 2003-2012

    Rep. Hoyer (MD) 46% 2000-2012

    Rep. Moran (VA)        65% 2000-2012

    Rep. Wolf (VA)        11% 2000-2012

    Rep. Connolly (VA) 33% 2011-2012

    Many of these votes focus on ending US warring, reducing  military spending and nuclear weapons.

    Arab American Institute: Total Percentage Ranking

    Representative   Ranking  Time Period

    Rep. Edwards (MD) 100% 2008-2012

    Rep. Van Hollen (MD)   50% 2003-2012

    Rep. Hoyer (MD) 31% 2001-2012

    Rep. Moran (VA) 90% 2001-2012

    Rep. Wolf (VA)        20% 2001-2012

    Rep. Connolly (VA) 63% 2011-2012


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