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Video: Arlington County Civic Federation Board Debate (3/4/14)


First, here are Democratic candidate Alan Howze’s opening and closing statements. More videos on the “flip,” including from Republican-endorsed candidate (and major donor to George W. Bush, McCain/Palin, Romney/Ryan, etc.) John Vihstadt, as well as from Independent Green candidate Janet Murphy and Independent (he sounds very “Tea Party” and would definitely be the candidate for Tea Partiers and Teapublicans to support) candidate Steve Holbrooke.

P.S. It was good to see ArlNow, Arlington Independent Media, and the Sun Gazette there last night. Still no sign of the Washington/Bezos (nee, Kaplan) Post, despite the fact that this is right across the Potomac River, and also that it’s an important election that will help determine the future of Arlington. The Post apparently says, “whatever,” {UPDATE: I hear that the Post DID have a reporter there; we’ll see if they write about it} just as it largely has to coverage of the 11-candidate 8th CD race (in contrast, we’ve been all over it here at BV)…

Alan Howze on his strong support for marriage equality, says repeal of the Marshall-Newman amendment can’t come soon enough!

Alan Howze on the importance of innovation in government, something he’s passionate about and has experience with.

Alan Howze on driving innovation in government, making government work better at lower cost.

Independent Green candidate Janet Murphy’s closing statement.

Janet Murphy on transit-oriented development.

Major Republican donor John Vihstadt’s closing statement.

Big-time Republican John Vihstadt has given thousands of dollars to strongly anti-LGBT candidates (e.g., Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the Nebraska Republican Party), yet claims to be for marriage equality. Uh huh….

Major GOP donor John Vihstadt opening statement.

Independent/Tea Party (?) candidate Steve Holbrooke argues for charity, not government, dealing with problems.


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