Video: Krystal Ball Says “Republicans and their deck-chair shifting civil war don’t matter”


    Great stuff from Krystal Ball, who by the way would have been an INFINITELY superior representative for Virginia’s 1st CD than corporate tool Rob Witt(less)man. I particularly like Krystal’s riff on why Republicans’ economic ideology is a total travesty (not to mention #FAIL):

    The second reason the GOP is irrelevant is because your economic ideology is toast, debunked, discredited. Your intellectual heavy is Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan! You’ve been flailing around in a house that Reagan built for three decades and still haven’t realized it’s just an empty frame with no foundation. Come back to me when you have some actual evidence for your economic ideology, and no, Ayn Rand novels don’t count.

    Hahahaha, so true. I mean, seriously, Lyin’ Ryan? Ayn Freakin’ Rand? Rand Freakin’ Paul? What a (really bad) joke.

    Anyway, check it out…definitely worth the 3 minutes of your time (including Krystal’s riff on “pro-corporate Democrats” and “pro-worker Democrats.”

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