7 Million People – and Counting! – Have Signed Up for Affordable Care


    Great news, and just imagine how much higher this number would have been if Republicans hadn’t been working 24/7 to sabotage, obstruct, and prevent this plan from working at both the state and federal levels? By the way, the 7 million number does NOT count the many millions of Americans who have been covered under expanded Medicaid (not here in Virginia, unfortunately, due to Republicans’ Obama Derangement Syndrome), nor does it count all the rest of us who are benefiting from a whole host of features in “Obamacare,” including no preexisting condition exclusions or lifetime coverage limits, free preventative care, etc, etc.

    • Check this out.

      Susan Merk, an elderly resident at Leisure World in eastern Loudoun County, initiated the noted email exchange with her delegate March 24 by voicing her support of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. “It’s imperative that federal Medicaid aid is passing the [Virginia] budget,” Merk wrote.

      Greason, an outspoken opponent of expanding Medicaid in Virginia, responded first by thanking Merk for contacting him. He went on to explain his position against expansion, reasoning that “ObamaCare has already proven to be inefficient, costly, and an utter disaster,” and that “Medicaid is one of the largest and fastest-growing parts” of the budget even without expansion.

      Merk responded by saying, “This reply is pitiful – it’s nothing but partisan rhetoric, false accusations and invalid excuses.”

      I will be sure to vote you out the next time you’re up for election,” she said.

      Greason’s second response to the constituent, in full, is as follows:

      “Pitiful because I am willing to enter a dialogue with you? All you liberals are the same. As soon as someone doesn’t agree with you, you shut down communication, call the other side names, take your ball and go home. I understand and am saddened by this approach at the federal level … but your reaction below is THE problem. I did not have to write you back … but I did. I think discussing differences is the only way to solve problems … you would rather leap right to the insults. How intellectually lazy are you? You are the problem. Good luck to you. You can not insult your way to ‘victory.’ If you are not willing to have a civil discussion, please do not write me again. It is a waste of my time. Thanks, Tag.”

      Yep, that’s Tag Greason for you – wildly unprofessional, nasty, crazy, stupid…and hopefully out of job after the next election for House of Delegates in November 2015!

    • Americans for Prosperity Virginia urges that Medicaid expansion be stopped in Virginia, but they show a map of..>Arkansas?!?

    • pontoon

      million sign ups for the ACA.  I am one of them.  Haven’t had health insurance for sometime because I have pre-existing conditions and the cost was way beyond affordable.  The ACA changed that for me and I am thankful to all who fought so hard for this to be passed and for all who have continued to fight the Republicans tooth and nail to keep them from repealing it!  

      Now, we need to work to ensure Dems hold the US Senate!  Because I don’t think the Republicans will ever stop their nonsense.