Adam Ebbin Stands with Attorney General Mark Herring


    Herring issues opinion that students with deferred action status qualify for in-state tuition.

    Alexandria, Va. – Senator Adam Ebbin – a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District – today stood with Attorney General Mark Herring (D) in support of students with different action status qualifying for in-state tuition.

    “I stand with Attorney General Herring in his recognition that DACA students are Virginia residents who qualify for in-state tuition. Today, Virginia finally has an Attorney General who is fighting for those students who have so much to contribute to our community and economy,” stated Ebbin. “For too long, these students have had to hide in the shadows for fear of deportation and discrimination. These students are children of Virginia and it is our civic responsibility to empower them to succeed in the future.   Not only does this position make economic sense, but more importantly, it is the morally right thing to do.”

    Ebbin has introduced legislation to ensure that students with Differed Action for Childhood Arrival Status would qualify for in-state tuition for Virginia colleges and universities. In 2004 Ebbin also introduced a Virginia Dream Act.

    Michel Zajur, president of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, had previously said that “The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce applauds Senator Ebbin’s persistent efforts over the past decade to help the immigrant community achieve their fair share of the American Dream. Senator Ebbin understands that this is the right thing to do, not only because these children deserve fair treatment, but for Virginia’s economic success.”  

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    Virginia Senator Adam P. Ebbin took office in January 2012 after serving for eight years in the House of Delegates and is the co-chair of the General Assembly’s Progressive Caucus. He is running to represent Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and portions of Fairfax County in the United States House of Representatives.

    April 29, 2014

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