• WestoverDem56

    ACDC leadership needs to have a serious conversation about the direction of the party. Do we want to be Arlington Democrats who use Democratic values to inform our views in an effort to strengthen our community, or Democrats who happen to live in Arlington who ignore local issues and run on national party talking points?

    We ran this race like Democrats who just happen to live in Arlington, NOT like Arlington Democrats. Instead of listening and addressing the frustrations overwhelmingly expressed by Arlingtonians about the Board’s perceived unwillingness to listen, we ignored the voters and instead tried (and failed) to tie Vihstadt to Sarah Palin, LGBT issues, and abortion. If we hadn’t ignored the issues that were clearly driving voters to the polls, and if we gave voters the option of voting for a Democrat who pledged to be a different type of board member who listed to people, then we may have County Board Member-Elect Alan Howze. However, ACDC leadership is unwilling to acknowledge the widespread unpopularity of the Board, and as a result they did not allow Alan Howze to run as a candidate who would challenge sitting Democratic Board Members. ACDC leadership should start listening more to the voters in Arlington and act in their best interest.

    The good news is that we can demonstrate we’ve learned from this mistake in the June Congressional primary. Last night, I overheard two ACDC officers debating whether to stay out of the Congressional race out of fear of offending some of the other candidates, or whether to unite behind the sole viable Arlington candidate. If we’re going to be Arlington Democrats instead of Democrats in Arlington, then we need to come together to work to elect an Arlingtonian to Congress instead of opting to stay neutral in a race that features 7 candidates from Alexandria. Though obviously ACDC as a committee can’t make an endorsement, people in the ACDC leadership can individually support the Arlington candidate and demonstrate that they are Arlington Democrats working to elect one of their own… and the candidate that will best serve Arlingtonians.