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Video: Democrat Alan Howze Excels at Final Arlington County Board Debate


Here are Democratic nominee Alan Howze’s opening and closing statements from tonight’s final Arlington County Board debate prior to Tuesday’s election. Alan did a great job, possibly his best debate so far – go Alan!

P.S. More video is in the comments section of this post.

  • Among other things, according to Alan Howze, the streetcar will spur billions of dollars in development along Columbia Pike and bring in enough tax revenues to help pay for our schools. Howze: “That is the promise and the potential of the streetcar.” The alternatives to making the long-term investment in the streetcar are to spend less on schools or to ask taxpayers to pay more. The choice here, in Howze’s view, is an easy one: invest in the streetcar and reap the many benefits for years to come.

  • Howze pledges to work closely with the School Board to look ahead 10 years, plan wisely/strategically/creatively for the future.

  • to drive better service delivery and lower cost. That includes things like using GPS technology for optimizing snow plowing, and also identifying optimal places/capacity for solar power.

  • the question is at what price and what should be in it. The County Manager made the right decision in putting the project on hold and looking at ways to cut its cost. We can’t give any project a blank check, but investments in this park have turned it from a “brownfield” into a thriving facility used heavily by the community.

  • that the community has laid out over many years. It has 3 legs: 1) commercial development along nodes; 2) transportation capacity to move people through the corridor; 3) affordable housing component so that people aren’t driven out. All three legs of the stool work together. Howze also says the comment that the streetcar is “elitist” is “so funny” because many of the people saying that are benefiting from the investments we made in rail, and now they’re saying don’t give other people those benefits? That’s “short sighted” and definitely the “wrong choice” that’s not in the best interests of our community.

  • making it safer and more accessible. Need to separate bikes and vehicles.

  • Strongly supports the Columbia Pike streetcar project – “rail makes money and rail pays for itself.”