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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virignia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 25.

*Al Gore Is Not Giving Up (“A rare, frank conversation with the former vice president and climate-change activist.”)

*Ukraine Says Efforts to Regain Control of East Will Continue

*Creating a Two-Speed Internet (“The F.C.C.’s proposal that would allow phone and cable companies to charge fees to content providers for faster delivery of video and data would harm competition and cost consumers.”)

*Republican monsters duke it out: The coming “Plutocrats vs. Tea Party” cage match (What a choice!)

*Fox News’ worst Cliven Bundy lies: 22 right-wing delusions about the absurd standoff

*Virginia plays chicken with Medicaid (“It’s time for Republicans to negotiate in good faith. A shutdown would mean real hardship for real people. It must be avoided.”)

*Va. GOP candidate financials reveal credit card debt, delays (Supposed fiscal conservative is up to her eyeballs in debt. Typical.)

*Metro, MWAA reach agreement they say moves Silver Line toward summer opening

*Va. Beach, state reach compromise on light rail terms

*High-speed bus lane to be sought for Richmond

*Passing The Torch: GOP Selects Candidate To Replace Wolf Saturday (One thing’s for sure, the choice will be a hard-right ideologue.)

*Democratic Front-Runner Airs First Ad in Open Virginia Race

*State, Richmond seek $25M grant for bus rapid transit

*If money talks, what’s it saying to Virginia PACs?

*Saslaw hits Republicans on bill he killed

*Prosecutors: McDonnell acts qualified as official (“The former governor says there was nothing illegal about his relationship with a friendly businessman.”)

*U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine Tours Bristol, Va.

*Byron, Newman endorse Wendell Walker (“Both spoke Thursday in support of Walker’s bid for committee chairmanship.”)

*HRT’s ridership declines 9 percent, yet fare revenue increases 13 percent

*Late day showers and thundershowers; sunny this weekend


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