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Video: Patrick Hope Speaks at IRS for “People’s Budget,” Carbon Tax


Del. Patrick Hope, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 8th District, spoke in front of the IRS Building earlier this afternoon to express his support for the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) “People’s Budget,” which would among other things create a Millionaire’s Tax requiring millionaires and giant corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. According to Del. Hope, federal programs are under attack by people who say we need to cut those programs to balance the budget. Hope says, “I reject that premise entirely,” and notes that the CPC budget brings in more revenue by restoring Clinton-era tax rates for those earning $250,000-$1 million per year, and establishing new rates for those earning more than $1 million per year.  The CPC budget also closes the loophole that allowed Mitt Romney to pay less than a 15% tax rate. According to Hope, we need to fight to keep our social safety net fully intact, and we can do that in part by closing tax loopholes that disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Americans.

Hope also announces that he’s releasing his tax returns, and calls on every candidate for Congress from the 8th CD to do the same thing. And, in response to a question by yours truly, he says he “absolutely” supports a carbon tax as the “linchpin of any proposal on climate change.”

P.S. Editorial note: now that I’ve narrowed my possible picks in this race down to 4 candidates, I’m going to start posting about them more on the Blue Virginia “front page.” It’s time to really start focusing the mind here…

  • Good afternoon everyone and happy tax day!

    Our taxes to the federal government fund the important government programs that we often take for granted.  Everything from food safety to our national defense- protecting our air and water and funding healthcare programs all come from our federal taxes.  

    But these federal programs and others are under attack in Congress by members of Congress in both parties who say we can’t afford to maintain them.  They say we spend more than we bring in- and so we need to cut the programs that have made this country so great.

    I reject that premise completely.

    That’s why I support the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget.  It solves our revenue problem very simply- by bringing in more revenue.  The CPC budget restores Clinton era tax rates for those earning between $250,000 and $1,000,000 a year, while establishing new rates for those who earn over a million dollars a year.

    Let me be clear.  This is not a tax on those Americans who have saved money throughout the years and have assets of a million dollars.  It is a tax on those making over $1,000,000 in a single calendar year.  Even then, the new tax rate would only apply on income over the million dollars.  

    The CPC budget also would equalize the tax rate for those who earn money from investments to those tax rates that Americans who work for a living have to pay.  In other words- it would close the loophole that allowed Mitt Romney to pay less than a 15% tax rate, while the rest of us paid more.

    Transparency is something that is very important in politics.  The people we seek to represent deserve to know everything about us.  That’s why today I am releasing my tax returns to any member of the media who wants to see them.  I call on every candidate running in the 8th district to do the same.  

    Our future is at stake in the upcoming Congress.  Will we pass a grand bargain that cuts our social safety net?  Or will we close the loopholes and demand the wealthiest 1% of Americans pay their fair share?  That’s what the 2014 election will be about all over the United States- and that is where we have our biggest differences in our primary in the 8th district of Virginia.  

    I will not consider cuts to our beneficiaries that are caused by our own pathetic tax policies- when we can just as simply close the loopholes and save our needed government programs with a balanced tax code that forces millionaires to pay their fair share!

    Thank you to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for allowing us to symbolically deliver the 33,000 petition signatures they have gathered on this issue from across the nation.  Americans are waking up and figuring out that we could have much of the progress we have made since the New Deal wiped out in the next Congress if we don’t stand up and elect leaders ready to fight to keep our social safety net intact.  You can count on me to do so.

    Are there any questions?

  • “The next financial filing deadline is May 15, when congressional candidates must file their personal Financial Disclosure Statement with the Clerk of the House of Representatives.  At that time the campaign will release a copy of Lieutenant Governor Beyer’s Financial Disclosure Statement, as well as a copy of his most recent tax return.”

  • leedynamo

    I did not hear anything about a Carbon Tax in Patrick’s remarks and it’s not in the text.