Video: Stephen Colbert Sings “The Ballad of Cliven Bundy”; Does Barbara Comstock Sing Along?


    Again, note that Bundy’s #1 cheerleader was Sean Hannity, who has endorsed likely 10th CD Republican nominee Barbara Comstock. Has Comstock disowned Hannity? Of course she hasn’t, because as Mason Conservative writes, Comstock “votes like she’s from Galax and not McLean… In every imaginable litmus test you may have, she passes with flying colors.” I’ll just leave you to ponder what those “litmus test”s might be. Hint: Comstock has been endorsed by a long list of extremists (e.g., Mark Levin, Sean Hannity), bigots (e.g., Brent Bozell), warmongers (e.g., John Bolton), and overall lunatics (e.g., Donald Trump). If you’re at all judged by the company you keep, then I think at this point we can all draw some definitely conclusions about Barbara Comstock – none of them good.

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