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Video: Meet Virginia Republicans’ 10th CD Congressional Nominee


Today was the Virginia 10th CD Republican “firehouse primary” to select their 2014 nominee for Congress. Not surprisingly, they selected Barbara Comstock (see The Bull Elephant for detailed results), who certainly has one thing going for her – money! Anyway, now it’s time for 10th CD voters to start learning about Comstock. In the video below, for instance, you can listen to Barbara Comstock raving about how great Sarah Palin is, talking about how “exciting” it is to be mentioned by “the great Sean Hannity,” opining about how she hopes the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade, etc, etc. If that’s not enough to convince you NOT to vote for Comstock, here’s some more information you might be interested in perusing. Enjoy! 🙂

UPDATE: Del. @DavidIRamadan  tweets, “BarbaraComstock wins Republican Primary with a wide margin: 60%.” Actually, it appears that Comstock only won by a 59%-24% margin despite wildly outspending her bat****-crazy, hapless Tea Party opponents. Not impressive at all.

UPDATE #2: Actually, according to Julie Carey of NBC, “Official results in #VA10 show @BarbaraComstock w/ 54% of the vote winning 7337 of 13609.” That’s REALLY not impressive for Comstock.

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Any further questions? Good, then please do whatever you can to defeat Comstock and elect John Foust for Congress!  

  • From the 10th CD Democratic Committee:


    A Guide for Covering the 10th District Congressional Campaign

    LOUDOUN, Va. – Barbara Comstock, a woman denounced by members of her own party as a liar,[1] eviscerated in the Washington Post as believing that “sucking up to [Rush] Limbaugh . . . gives her an aura of respectability,”[2] and who has already proven herself to be a serial exaggerator,[2] has won the GOP nomination in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

    Comstock’s record exposes her position on the far-fringe of the political spectrum. Comstock supports medically useless transvaginal ultrasound probing of women.[3] Comstock supports Grover Norquist’s crusade against the social safety net.[4] Comstock voted to keep northern Virginia snarled in impenetrable traffic gridlock.[5] Comstock voted to outlaw abortion,[6] and has said she supports overturning Roe v. Wade.[7] Comstock’s claim to be a “common-sense conservative” withers under public scrutiny.

    Comstock’s primary battle left deep scars on her carefully developed facade. Comstock’s fellow party members publicly denouncing her, shouting “Barbara, you lie!” to the audience at a debate,[1] questioning her protection of convicted felons as a political hack,[8] and accusing her of defrauding American taxpayers in a crony-capitalism back-room deal during Hurricane Katrina, a national emergency.[9]

    Comstock’s endorsements betray her true position on the fiery fringe – her backers include Sean Hannity,[10] (most recently engulfed in controversy after calling for an armed insurgency against the government while backing a racist, tax-delinquent rancher in Nevada) – Senator Jill Vogel,[11] (the notorious author of the transvaginal ultrasound probe bill that led to Virginia being disgraced and mocked on national television) – and Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell,[12] leader of the shutdown-caucus, (currently threatening Virginia’s AAA bond rating over what Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw characterized as an irrationally intense hatred of President Obama).[13]

    Comstock’s campaign contributors include a roster of failed extremist GOP has-beens. Comstock has received donations from Newt Gingrich, mastermind of the Federal government shutdown in the 90’s and failed moon-shot presidential candidate,[14] Mark Levin, talk-show host and vocal advocate to “screw the stock market and shut down the government,”[15][16] and John Whitbeck, perennial GOP candidate most famous for telling an anti-Semitic joke while introducing then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in Loudoun County.[17][18]

    The press has already denounced her. The Sun-Gazette editorialized that Comstock’s “vote against the 2013 transportation plan was a disservice to her constituents, designed to inoculate herself within” the right wing of the GOP.[19] The Washington Times described Comstock’s campaign as having “attempted to stiff-arm reports” that she had cast a sabotage-vote in the 2008 Democratic primary, claiming she was following Rush Limbaugh’s orders to “bloody up” the Democratic nominee.[20]

    The Washington Post described the primary race as “verg[ing] on the bizarre when the apparent front-runner, Del. Barbara Comstock (Fairfax), [made] a truth-stretching attempt to wrap herself in the mantle of Rush Limbaugh,”[2] in order to defend her hypocritical interference in the Democratic primary. The editorial went on state that “[b]eing a sycophant to Mr. Limbaugh is bad enough; it’s even worse when the sycophancy is based on a fabrication. (In response to our inquiries, Ms. Comstock acknowledged that her ‘recollection’ was flawed, and that her vote had nothing to do with Mr. Limbaugh).”[2]

    The 10th District Democratic Committee looks forward to continuing to explain the real Barbara Comstock throughout the 2014 congressional campaign.


    FAIRFAX, VA – Virginia’s 10th congressional district Democratic nominee, John Foust, released a statement today after the GOP finally resolved its bitterly contested primary process, landing on Delegate Barbara Comstock as the nominee.

    “I congratulate Ms. Comstock on her victory and thank the other candidates for their participation in this important process.  I think the Washington Post put it best this month when it called Delegate Comstock ‘among the most conservative lawmakers in Richmond.’ As the Post pointed out, Comstock has a lot of explaining to do-such as her votes against badly needed and bi-partisan supported transportation funding for Northern Virginia; her attempts to place the government between a woman and her doctor; and her current lock-step support of Richmond Republicans driving the Commonwealth towards a Washington-style government shutdown.

    Now that she has secured the nomination, my hope is that she’ll take a short break from campaigning to reach across the aisle and pass a budget in Richmond before sending our government over a cliff.  Comstock’s brand of partisan brinkmanship is exactly what’s wrong in Washington.  In my seven years on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, my colleagues and I have passed a balanced, bipartisan budget every single year without ever threatening to shut down the government.

    Today’s election is the culmination of a month’s long, bitter, and divisive race to the fringe. Comstock has proven she can appeal to her party’s most extreme partisans and that she is out-of-step with mainstream voters.”

  • Statement of Speaker William J. Howell on Results of the 10th Congressional District Republican Primary

    RICHMOND, VA – Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) issued the following statement Saturday on the results of the 10th Congressional District Republican Primary:

    “Congratulations to Barbara Comstock and her entire team on a decisive victory. Capturing over 55 percent of the vote in any election is good, but it is remarkable to see such an overwhelming victory in a six-way race. Barbara ran a strong, positive campaign based on ideas and real solutions for the people of Virginia. I am confident that approach will propel her and the entire Republican Party to victory in November.

    “Thank you to the 10th Congressional District Committee and all of the volunteers who organized and worked today’s election. Volunteers and grassroots leaders are the heart and soul of our party and we could not win without them.

    “Regardless of how one voted in today’s nominating contest, it is important that all Republicans in the 10th District rally behind Barbara. As Republicans, we can have disagreements, but we can not let those disagreements distract us from electing good people who will make our Commonwealth and country a better place.”

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    Julie Carey says that Comstock only got 54%.