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Video: Meet Virginia Republicans’ 10th CD Congressional Nominee


Today was the Virginia 10th CD Republican “firehouse primary” to select their 2014 nominee for Congress. Not surprisingly, they selected Barbara Comstock (see The Bull Elephant for detailed results), who certainly has one thing going for her – money! Anyway, now it’s time for 10th CD voters to start learning about Comstock. In the video below, for instance, you can listen to Barbara Comstock raving about how great Sarah Palin is, talking about how “exciting” it is to be mentioned by “the great Sean Hannity,” opining about how she hopes the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade, etc, etc. If that’s not enough to convince you NOT to vote for Comstock, here’s some more information you might be interested in perusing. Enjoy! 🙂

UPDATE: Del. @DavidIRamadan  tweets, “BarbaraComstock wins Republican Primary with a wide margin: 60%.” Actually, it appears that Comstock only won by a 59%-24% margin despite wildly outspending her bat****-crazy, hapless Tea Party opponents. Not impressive at all.

UPDATE #2: Actually, according to Julie Carey of NBC, “Official results in #VA10 show @BarbaraComstock w/ 54% of the vote winning 7337 of 13609.” That’s REALLY not impressive for Comstock.

*GOP Attack Dog Launches New Career — Running For Office

*“Almost unhinged,” “one-woman wrecking crew” vs. Margi Vanderhye?

*Pam Danner Blasts Barbara Comstock For Her War on Women’s Reproductive Rights

*Hyper-Partisan GOP Del. Barbara Comstock Politicizes Picnic Honoring Wounded Warriors

*Del. Comstock’s Extremist Votes Earned Her a Trip to Tampa

*Comstock Endorsed by Far-Right-Wing Bigot Who Called Obama a “Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead”

*Barbara Comstock to Attend Fundraiser With “Age of Reason Led to Holocaust” Extremist

*Barbara Comstock Voted for Barack Obama in 2008 for No Comprehensible Reason

*A Few Things You Should Know About Barbara Comstock’s Latest Endorser John Bolton

*As If On Cue, Racist Nutjob Donald Trump Says He’s a “Fan” of Barbara Comstock

*“Mandatory Vaginal Ultrasound” Author Endorses Barbara Comstock.

Any further questions? Good, then please do whatever you can to defeat Comstock and elect John Foust for Congress!  


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