Where Does Ed Gillespie Stand on Ryan Budget?


    Good question from the Democratic Party of Virginia:

    The Democratic Party of Virginia sent Ed Gillespie the following letter today asking where he stood on the Ryan budget:

    Dear Ed Gillespie:

    As Virginia waits for you to finally form your policy agenda, we wanted to see where you stand on a central issue for Republicans in Congress – the Ryan budget. You may have heard about its harmful effects on Virginia’s seniors, students, and hardworking families.

    But in case you and your policy advisors have been too busy to take a look, we have enclosed a copy of the budget so that you can get back to the people of Virginia with how you would vote.

    As 219 Republican members of Congress voted for the measure, we look forward to hearing your opinion on these policy proposals that so many in the GOP have embraced!


    The Democratic Party of Virginia