Dranesville 8th CD Democratic Debate, Straw Poll (Hope, Levine, Beyer Finish 1-2-3)


    Tonight was the Dranesville (Fairfax County) Democratic Committee debate for the 8th CD candidates. I thought it was the best debate so far – well attended, excellent job by the organizers and the moderator, Glenn Kessler, who asked tough but fair questions. Most of the video’s not going to be available until tomorrow, but Adam Ebbin’s opening statement just finished uploading to YouTube, so here it is. 🙂 Also, I’m awaiting results of the straw poll. By the way, there were only 6 candidates there tonight, as Derek Hyra had confirmed he’d be attending but didn’t show up for some reason. Also, tonight saw the first serious attempt by one candidate (Patrick Hope) to “go after” another candidate (Don Beyer) on their record. I talked to Beyer afterwards and he thought that Hope’s criticisms were not accurate and didn’t connect. It will be interesting to see what people thing after they watch the debate video, and also whether this campaign finally heats up a bit after being VERY sedate (aka, a snoozefest) so far.

    UPDATE: Interesting tweet by moderator Glenn Kessler regarding one of the areas Hope and Beyer clashed on (caps on tax deductions for the wealthy). “mea culpa — $1 million limit. Don threw me when he said 600k. Apologies! Pinocchios to me.”


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