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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, May 30.

*GOP’s VA strategy: Blame Obama (Republicans: nothing if not utterly predictable.)

*Obama Aide Previews Carbon-Emissions Rules for Democrats

*Documents Show the VA Debacle Began Under George W. Bush

*Fareed Zakaria: Obama’s leadership is right for today (“Obama is battling a knee-jerk sentiment in Washington in which the only kind of international leadership that means anything is the use of military force.”)

*John Boehner: “I’m Not Qualified To Debate Science Over Climate Change” (Right, so leave it to the scientists – people who ARE qualified.)

*3 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Pope Francis’ Push For Middle East Peace

*Warner, Kaine call for resignation of VA Secretary Shinseki

*NRA finally meets its match: Why Richard Martinez should have them shaking (“NRA’s trick is to silence critics by claiming politics disrespects victims. But Richard Martinez can’t be silenced”)

*Sen. Mark Warner highlights business, bipartisan background on campaign stop in Richmond

*The Virginia GOP’s Medicaid plan: Just say no (“Taking the governor for a fool, the GOP House leaders say they want to sever Medicaid from the budget and consider it separately in a special session. But since they have been crystal clear that their intent is to kill any Medicaid expansion plan, their proposal is really no proposal at all – again.”)

*Va. Republican offers plan to end Medicaid deadlock (“Proposal separates the issue from the budget debate but tilts state panel toward health-coverage expansion.”)

*Beyer reports $1.1 million in campaign donations as NoVa Dem primary looms (“The cost of running in a primary for an open Congressional seat in northern Virginia just cracked the $1 million barrier, and the campaign’s not over yet.”)

*Chesapeake hospital asks McAuliffe not to use it as Medicaid example

*Hanger Throws out Lifeline on Budget?

*Sen. Webb Openly Mulls Presidential Bid in Arlington Talk (“He invited and clearly did not shy away from discussing the prospect and the audience broke into applause as it heard him warming up to the idea.”)

*Creigh Deeds renews mental health vow

*Shortfall spurs action to end budget impasse (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe today pointed to the possible budget hole in making his case for capturing federal money tied to expanding Medicaid.”)

*Democrats to pick candidate for 5th District in Fluvanna convention

*#RedskinsPride Is Probably The Worst Hashtag Ever (“A tweet hashtag campaign goes horribly wrong.”)

*Overcast and on cool side today ahead of a lovely weekend


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