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Obenshain Says He and Gillespie Are One and the Same: “My values are his values”


The following press release is from the DPVA. The question is, why would Virginians ever want to elect someone with the values of an extreme, right-wing ideologue like Mark Obenshain?

Don’t take our word: Ideological crusader Obenshain says he and Gillespie are one and the same: “My values are his values”

RICHMOND – Yesterday, failed Attorney General candidate, ideological crusader and “Cuccinelli Clone,” Mark Obenshain, gave Ed Gillespie his right-wing stamp of approval declaring, “My values are his values.” Since the two have like-minded views, it is important to remember exactly what the Obenshain-Gillespie set of “values” would mean for Virginians.

By fighting for the same values, we assume Gillespie also supports policies that would end women’s control over their personal health decisions, taking away a woman’s right to choose, passing “personhood” legislation and that he also believes invasive transvaginal ultrasounds are “commonsense” legislation. If that wasn’t enough, Gillespie would seek to criminalize women who fail to report miscarriages to the police.

By fighting for the same values as Obenshain, we assume Gillespie similarly opposes laws that would have made targeting homosexuals a “hate crime,” protected LGBT state workers from protection under Virginia’s anti-discrimination law and ensured women get equal pay for equal work.

By fighting for the same values, we assume Gillespie supports rigid ideological opposition to job creation legislation, such as the landmark 2013 transportation-funding bill that was supported by every major business group in the state and signed into law by a Republican.

By fighting for the same values, we assume Gillespie supports restrictive voter ID requirements that the GOP has used to tamp down voter turnout in the poor and minority communities.

“Mark Obenshain himself emphatically announced that he and Ed Gillespie are one and the same,” said DPVA Spokesperson Ashley Bauman. “Unfortunately for Ed, Virginians rejected this extreme view that restricts women’s rights, refuses to protect minority communities, and continues the GOP-led gridlock in Richmond and Washington. These views are out of step with mainstream Virginians. Ed Gillespie’s hollow claims about attracting new voters to the GOP will fall on deaf ears with policies like these.”

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