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Patrick Hope Falls in Mt. Vernon, Suffers Rib Injuries


Talk about running hard! 😉 Seriously, that sucks; feel better soon Patrick.

P.S. That image isn't of Patrick's ribs, just in case you're wondering. 

Resting at home in Arlington

This morning, while campaigning on his “Every Neighborhood Matters” tour, Patrick Hope fell down stairs in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Fairfax County.  After getting up in some pain, he attempted to continue on- but stopped after two more houses when the pain continued to increase.  Staff took him to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington where Patrick learned he had a broken rib, some fractured ribs as well as some pretty ugly bruising.  Doctors prescribed a rib belt, painkillers and some days of rest.

Hope released the following statement about the incident:

“I'd like to thank everyone who has called me with concern since the news of my fall broke this afternoon.  I am resting comfortably at home in Arlington now.  I've knocked on 13,000 doors in the last five years, and dealt with a few misjudged stairs, a dog bite and a couple of ankle sprains and never missed a beat.  A rib break will cause me to miss some time on the campaign trail however.

While I was in the hospital waiting for x-rays, I had some time to think about this injury.   There are around 84,000 residents of the 8th Congressional District who do not have insurance.  In fact, many of them live near Route 1 in Fairfax County where I was door knocking.  What would they have done if they suffered a similar injury?  Many of them may have chosen not to go to a hospital and waited to see if the injury would heal on its own. Rather than be prescribed painkillers would they would have tried to take enough tylenol to get by?  Those that did go to a hospital would likely have been unable to pay for their care- and those costs would be passed on to all of us with increased premiums.  That's why I have said my first bill in Congress will be one to take in the 20,000,000+ Americans that will be uninsured even after Obamacare is fully implemented so that every American will have health care.

When I thought about those who are uninsured and need our help- I decided that the campaign will go on- even if we need to make some changes.  Because I will be unable to visit every precinct as we planned on our “Every Neighborhood Matters” tour, I am committing today to personally call voters in those precincts I am unable to visit.  The campaign will go on- and I will continue to fight for those uninsured Americans that deserve the same quality of care that I received today”.
Background Information:  Patrick Hope is a healthcare attorney has worked for 20 years in federal health care policy- first as a legislative assistant in Congress, then for physician groups in Washington.  He currently serves as the Senior Director of Legislative Policy at the American College of Cardiology.  Hope has been called the “expert on Obamacare” in Virginia during the recent Medicaid expansion debate and has focused on health care in his recent campaign mailings (see attachment).
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