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Ryan Budget Hits Virginia Women: Comstock to Attend DC Fundraiser with Ryan


From the 10th CD Democratic Committee:

LOUDOUN, Va. – Former vice-presidential candidate, budget-slashing czar, and charter-member of the shutdown caucus in Washington, Paul Ryan, is fundraising for extreme GOP candidate Barbara Comstock.

Virginia's 10th District Democratic Committee is concerned the 2014 Ryan Budget will disproportionately affect Virginia women.

• Supplemental Security Income would be cut. [1]
    – 66% of recipients are women.

• Child-care assistance would be cut. [1]
    – 75% of households receiving assistance are headed by women.

• Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program would be cut. [1]
    – By definition, WIC provides food supplements to women and their families.

•  Pell grants (college grants) would be cut. [1]
    – 62% of recipients are women.

• Medicare would be cut and turned into a voucher program, adding instability and uncertainty to those already budgeting for retirement. [2]
    – 66% of adult recipients are women.

• Food stamps would be cut. [1]
    – 63% of adult recipients are women.

Additionally, the Ryan Budget would repeal many of the women-centric patient protection measures in the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

• Would allow insurance companies to deny insurance coverage because of preexisting conditions, such as previous child birth by caesarian section, breast and cervical cancer, and believe it or not, a history of domestic violence in the home. [3]

• Would allow insurance companies to charge women higher premiums because of their gender. Prior to the passage of the ACA, 92% of the best-selling insurance plans charged women more than men, and only 12% covered maternity care. [3]

• Would allow insurance companies to increase the out-of-pocket costs of women's heath services, such as mammograms, pap smears, and contraception. [3]

The Ryan budget passed the House in a largely party line vote. Had she been in the House, Comstock would have undoubtably joined her Republican colleagues in voting against Virginia women by supporting the Ryan Budget.

Now Comstock is traveling to DC for a fundraiser featuring Ryan. When Comstock praises Ryan while collecting his money Virginia women should remember where her true loyalties lie.

“The Ryan budget offers a vision of how budget extremists Barbara Comstock and the Republican Party would run this country. And if they could, they would slash services women depend on,” 10th District Democratic Chair Charlie Jackson said. 

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