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Virginia GOP Civil War Continues; More Popcorn Please!


Yet more popcorn required. Enjoy the following, by a member of the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee. 🙂

Cantor disenfranchised voters, promoted divisiveness Virginia Congressional districts, and violated the principles that define Virginia’s GOP. Where is the condemnation from Republican Party leadership, State Central, US Congressmen, Virginia Senators or House of Delegates? Is winning at any cost ever acceptable? Have money and retribution silenced the statesmen and hindered the penman? Why are leaders blind, deaf, and mute to Cantors’ destruction of our Big Tent message?

Should we ignore the obvious because of Cantor’s position? No one is that important – no one. Cantor’s behavior mocks leadership. The Virginia Beach and Campbell County tomfooleries ridiculed principled leadership. Cantor is not principled. He needs no power.

My message as State Central Committee member to all Republicans, remove Eric Cantor from office.

Eric Cantor has instigated dissent in Virginia. To every Republican leader in Virginia, condemn Cantor’s behavior. Places of prestige are not more important than positions of principle. Silence is complicity.

A Cantor defeat on June 10th sends a message that deplorable and divisive behavior, even by the House Republican Majority Leader, is unacceptable. Help make phone calls or knock doors on Saturdays in the 7th. Principled Republicans must win; Cantor’s Big Tent evictions lose. Anyone who believes otherwise ignores history or worships at the church of R.

Success is fleeting when power and purse trump foundational principles. Principles ultimately prevail over power when principled people remain principled. Long term success is secured when Republicans reject Eric Cantor.  The best time to start the appropriate and proper purging is June 10th.

Please please please please please! 🙂

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