Barbara Comstock’s Bigoted Pal Sean Hannity: Bob Bergdahl Made “Muslim Victory Call” In Rose Garden


    Raging Islamophobic bigot Sean Hannity, disgusting as always. So…will 10th CD Republican nominee Barbara Comstock renounce Hannity’s endorsement of her candidacy for Congress? Will Comstock at least denounce Hannity’s relentless, and utterly unacceptable, Islamophobia? And let’s not forget, Comstock still hasn’t renounced/denounced Hannity for his strong support of violent racist and anti-government extremist Cliven Bundy. What does all this say about Barbara Comstock? Nothing good, obviously. She certainly is not someone who 10th CD voters should even think of sending to the U.S. Congress (unless they want to be embarrassed, frequently, by her antics and extremism).

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