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VA Senate Democratic Caucus Says Leaders Cutting “Private Obligations” Short to Return to Richmond


From the Virginia Senate Democratic caucus:



RICHMOND — Recent reports that Sen. Janet Howell (D – Reston) has been in Africa are incorrect.

Sen. Howell has been in Virginia the entire time that her intended trip has been under discussion. Her family will leave tomorrow, but Sen. Howell will remain in Richmond, working to ensure that the Commonwealth has a budget.

Similarly, Sen. Dick Saslaw (D – Fairfax) has cut short a trip to California to see his first granddaughter. Sen. Saslaw left today — earlier than expected — in order to be in Richmond to debate and vote on the budget in tomorrow’s session.

Said Sen. Howell, “I take my responsibilities as a senator very seriously. I put off a long-planned trip with my granddaughter in order to be in Richmond. The voters in my district elected me to represent their interests, and that is a commitment I will never neglect.”

Said Sen. Saslaw, “I have been in California to see my first grandchild. I left my family earlier than I had planned. We’re supposed to put our constituents first, and — like my colleagues — I’ve come back to Richmond to finish business.” 

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