From the DPVA:


Then: “And then the American Crossroads and American Crossroads GPS is a group that I've helped to launch along with Karl Rove to offset much of the activity on the left side” [Google and Politico Interview with Ed Gillespie, Citizentube, 9/27/10]


Now: “I was never a founder of it, I was never an officer of it, I was never on the board, never a consultant, and never got a dime from it.” [Richmond Times Dispatch, 6/16/14]


RICHMOND — Yet again, Ed Gillespie is trying to rewrite his resume and pretend that he had little to do with the Republican dark money Super PAC, American Crossroads. He and his pal, Karl Rove, created the group so Republicans could spend unlimited amounts of special interest money to try and buy elections.  


Despite Ed being instrumental to the group's formation, Crossroads itself highlighting articles that mention Gillespie as one of the “most prominent forces behind” it, and his public advocacy on behalf of the group, he is now singing a different tune, telling the Richmond Times Dispatch yesterday that he “was never a founder of it.” 


Even an intern on Capitol Hill will tell you that lying about your resume is not a good idea when applying for a job, so why does Ed think Virginia voters will be so easily duped? After all, he and Karl Rove toured the country in 2010 securing donations for the group and Ed even said himself that American Crossroads “is a group that I’ve helped to launch along with Karl Rove.” And it's going to be mighty difficult for him to wash away nearly 150 mentions of him as a founder of the group.


This raises some questions that need to be answered: 

· If he wasn't a founder, why did he not ask Crossroads to correct the record with media outlets across the country? Better yet, why did he himself not correct the record?

· If he wasn't a founder, why did he tour the country with Karl Rove fundraising for the group?

· If he wasn’t a founder, why did he wait until the weekend of convention to try to set the record straight?

· If he wasn't a founder, officer or consultant, what was his role?  It's clear Gillespie had a role, regardless of the title he gives it.

· If he was a founder, why is he denying it now? 

“As desperate as Ed Gillespie might be to erase his career as a self-described 'partisan warrior' and lobbying pioneer, it's going to be difficult to do given that he helped get Crossroads GPS off the ground,” said DPVA spokesperson Ashley Bauman. “His spin might have worked while he was a lobbyist, but voters are going to see right through a candidate who refuses to tell the truth about his career.” 


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