Special Events and Guest Hosts Galore on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher! (radio)


    The next three months of The Authentic Woman – a radio show broadcast from Richmond, Virginia by host and women’s rights leader, Shannon Fisher, on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network – are going to be filled with special editions and guest hosts!  July began with a mini-podcast reading of the Declaration of Independence in honor of the Fourth of July.

    On July 6, The Authentic Woman aired Authors on the Air’s Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking.  This global conversation is a special event with a panel of experts including prosecutors, law enforcement officers, legislators who have worked to enact laws to combat human trafficking, victim’s rights advocates and survivors of the sex trade – all of whom share stories about the horrors they have witnessed and experienced. This $32 billion “industry” enslaves more than 300,000 underage girls (and boys) each year in America, selling them into forced prostitution. This informative and important broadcast shines a light on this topic that is usually kept in the shadows.

    This Sunday, July 13, there will be an in-depth discussion of Autism Spectrum Disorder with a panel of experts: a developmental doctor from Bon Secours Richmond Health System, a developmental therapist from the Faison School and two mothers of children with autism who contribute to websites that offer resources to parents with special needs kids.  This discussion will offer some excellent information about the early warning signs of autism, the indicators that parents should take their children for an assessment from a specialist, treatment options, the wide spectrum of symptoms of autism and solutions for living with autism into adulthood.

    The July 20 show will be a discussion with Dr. Sheri Meyers, a regular contributor to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, television and radio talk shows, and the Huffington Post.  During the show,  we will discuss her book, Chatting or Cheating, which examines the shocking ease with which we can all slide down the slippery slope from an innocent online “friendship” to a full-blown affair in today’s technology-driven world.  

    On July 27, The Authentic Woman will broadcast a live interview with legendary theatrical Artistic Director, Carol Piersol, whose name has been in the news quite a bit in recent years in relation to her very public and controversial ousting from The Firehouse Theatre Project. We will be talking about her new company, 5th Wall Theatre.  The name of the company is a play on the concept of the audience being the “fourth wall” of the stage. The company intends to add the additional dynamic of a “fifth wall” to the audience’s consciences to provide insights into the human condition through theatrical expression.

    One of the most compelling offerings of the summer will be a Four Part Series on Creativity with special guest host and renowned artist and creativity coach, Susan Singer. Susan was the founder of the highly acclaimed Beyond Barbie performance series in Richmond, which is now being managed by Shannon Fisher. On the first Sunday of every month, starting August 3, Susan will interview women who have inspired her to discuss her guests’ unique talents and means of self-expression. Throughout the four-episode series, Susan will discuss ways to tap into our own creative talents and find inspiration to make the world a better place.  This should be a very interesting and enlightening series, so be sure to tune in to Susan’s guest spots!

    Executive Producer and Owner of Authors on the Air, Pam Stack, will interview The Authentic Woman host, Shannon Fisher, on August 10 to discuss her current writing project,  an authorized biography of the late stand-up comedy great Steve Moore, Shannon’s work in women’s rights and whatever other topics Pam has up her sleeve. It will be fun to turn the tables and have the host as the interviewee!

    There will be a very special edition of  The Authentic Woman on August 24 that will highlight The State of Women’s Rights in the United States with a live interview with two very notable women’s rights leaders:  Terry O’Neill, President of the National Association for Women (NOW), and Karen Teegarden, President of UniteWomen.org.  During this broadcast, there will be lively discussion of the social and political issues affecting women today. This is an episode of The Authentic Woman that is not to be missed!

    In September, we will air another special episode on the status of women: An Overview of Women’s History in America.  This show will feature prominent women’s rights leader, Renee Davis, as well as a noted historian.  This will be an opportunity for listeners to learn “what’s what” when it comes to how we got where we are today – and what lies on the road ahead.

    There will be a plethora of other intriguing guest hosts, mini-podcasts and special events from July through October.  The Authentic Woman airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EDT!

    Originally posted on Thoughts and Musings on Politics and the Universe.  


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