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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, July 25. Also see the video of Sen. Tim Kaine making the case to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank (“let’s create American jobs, let’s help American businesses find customers abroad, and let’s do it at no cost to the American taxpayer”)

*John McCain: Arizona execution ‘torture’ (For once I agree with McCain.)

*Central American leaders want Washington’s help with immigration crisis (And they absolutely should get it, given that we’re largely responsible for the problem due to our illegal drug consumption in this country that’s fueling the Central American drug wars.)

*A no-show in Ukraine (“Where is the European Union’s Russia strategy?” As with America, unfortunately there are very few good options when it comes to dealing with Russia…)

*The Progressive Proposal Buried In Paul Ryan’s Poverty Plan (“On criminal justice, Ryan quietly shifted his position to endorse bipartisan, progressive reform including moves to reform draconian drug sentences, and policies that ease re-entry from prison.”)

*Will an Ethics Scandal-and Jimmy Carter’s Grandson-Bring Georgia’s GOP Governor Down? (Don’t look now, Teapublicans, but Georgia’s turning blue!)

*Sadly, politics as usual (“Is McDonnell guilty? Twelve of our fellow citizens will hear the evidence and tell us. But we know this much already: This will not be pretty.”)

*Senate Race: Warner, Gillespie Set for First Debate This Weekend

*An Instant Classic War on Women Whiff (“There’s no sexism whatsoever in attributing ‘stalker-like’ behavior to Comstock.”)

*U.S. wants judge to compel Williams’ former assistant to testify


*Regulators seek funds from four Justice coal mines (“Virginia regulators are moving against the Roanoke-based coal mining enterprises of Jim Justice to restore mined land at company expense because, they say, Justice isn’t doing it.”)

*Silver Line opening will be a boon for Northern Virginia (“Expected to bring in 100,000 new jobs”)

*Metro’s Silver Line ‘is ready for its close-up’

*Va. ‘sexting’ case reignites debate over whether law is too harsh on teens (“Some push for a misdemeanor alternative to treating the practice under child pornography laws.”)

*Fairfax County low-income housing plan likely to be tabled

*2 killed in campground after tornado strikes Virginia’s Eastern Shore

*Survivors recount tornado that killed two on Eastern Shore

*Sunny and pleasant today; heat, humidity return this weekend


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