Steve Benen Demolishes “Irresponsible,” “Worthless,” “Useless” “Worst Presidents” Poll


    Steve Benen says it better than I can.

    Quinnipiac has a poll that seems custom-made to generate chatter in the political world, but the closer one looks, the more it seems the results offer more heat than light.


    Details like these matter: “Pollsters have been asking some variant of this question for over 15 years, and the person occupying the Oval Office at the time the question is asked always finishes at or near the top of the ‘worst president’ rankings…In 1998, ABC News asked respondents which president had done the worst job in their lifetimes. Clinton and Reagan finished at a near tie for second, behind (you guessed it) Richard Nixon.”

    I’m not sure which is more irresponsible: Quinnipiac, for putting such a pointless survey in the field, or media professionals who are pretending the results are important.

    I vote for “media professionals who are pretending the results are important.” How about you?


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