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Video: Dave Foster tells extreme gun group, “your concerns…[are] my concerns”


Keep in mind that the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is more extreme than the NRA when it comes to guns. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence notes that “When it comes to women and domestic violence, the VCDL – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. is about as backward and wrong as they come.” The Coalition to Stop Violence adds, “VCDL is a radical pro-gun group that opposes all regulation of firearms, including background checks on gun purchasers.”

In that context, see 6:30 of this video. Foster further states that he believes the Second Amendment is a “fundamental individual right” (e.g., as opposed to being in the context of a “well regulated militia”). Foster also claims there’s no gun show loophole, because Virginia doesn’t regulate private transfers of firearms. He supports allowing people to carry firearms in national parks, and that states be able to override federal laws on that subject.


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