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Video: Republican Ben Chafin Copies Republican Adam Light’s TV Ad in 38th District


Check out the last 10 seconds or so of these two TV ads in Virginia’s 38th State Senate district, the first by Republican Adam Light’s State Senate campaign in September 2011, and the second (on the “flip”) by Republican Ben Chafin’s State Senate campaign right now. Notice anything? How about that they’re almost identical, both the words and the framing/composition/imagery (e.g., both have families of four, with two women and two men, standing in front of trees). As for the text, check it out:

*Light: “Together, we can make it so folks don’t have to leave Southwest Virginia for the better life.  The better life can be right here.

*Chafin: “and make the region more competitive…because with beauty like this, the better life should be here in Southwest Virginia.”

Anyway, there’s nothing sinister here, I just find it amusing that Ben Chafin has basically nothing new to say, but essentially is just another cookie-cutter Republican with cookie-cutter ads and with really bad ideas (like opposing absolutely crucial expansion of Medicaid) for Southwest Virginia.

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