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Video: Tim Kaine on Central American Children Fleeing Violence Due to U.S.-Fueled Drug Trade


Tim Kaine is so right about this, which is not surprising given that he served as a Catholic missionary in Honduras and knows the situation inside and out. The question is, what should we do about the thousands of children fleeing violence and coming to the U.S.? According to Sen. Kaine: 1) Stop blaming the kids and show the same compassion as nations like Turkey and Jordan are showing to Syrian refugees; 2) Work on our legal process and particular protections these refugees receive when they arrive. 3) We need to do immigration reform; 4) More support for security in Central America; 5) We need to interdict more drugs; and 6) We need to tackle the U.S. demand for drugs, because that’s what is driving the violence in the neighborhoods that’s causing these kids to flee northwards to the U.S.

I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to Sen. Kaine for speaking up for these kids, while Republicans are busy posturing politically and (of course) attacking President Obama for anything and everything…


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