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Not a Word from Ken Cuccinelli and Other Supposed Lovers of “Liberty” on Ferguson, MO


You know how Ken Cuccinelli and other hard-right Republicans are always going on and on about how much they (supposedly) love “liberty?” Of course, most of us know that’s utter bull****, that the only “liberty” they actually care about is: a) the right of corporations and the super-rich to do whatever the hell they want to do regarding workers, the environment, whatever; b) the ability of big government to tell people what they can and can NOT do in their bedrooms; and c) the efforts of fundamentalists to move America towards a religious theocracy. Other than that, it’s obvious that Cuccinelli et al. don’t in any way, shape or form care about “liberty,” at least not how the Founding Fathers envisioned it, or how you and I understand it.

Ferguson, Missouri proves this once and for all: with all the frightening, horrifying, disturbing, disgraceful, and intolerable things we’ve seen go down in Ferguson, Missouri the past few days, with clear violations of ACTUAL liberty by police, including blatant trampling on First Amendment rights (e.g., the rights of the press to report on events), you’d think that all these “liberty”-loving right wingnuts like Ken Cuccinelli would be screaming from the rooftops about this situation.  You just KNOW that if the races were reversed, and it was a majority BLACK police department putting down WHITE protestors (and killing a WHITE man) that they – Cliven Bundy types, etc. – would be going NUTS (on Fox, Rush, etc.)!

Instead, what have we gotten? See below for two screenshots from TRUE libertarian Doug Mataconis’ Facebook page and you’ll have your answer. I also checked Ken Cuccinelli’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and saw absolutely NOTHING about the Ferguson situation (lots of ranting and raving about Barack Obama). So yeah, as Doug Mataconis says, “If you have been spending the last 5 years talking about ‘Liberty’ and aren’t outraged by what’s happening in #Ferguson you’re a hypocrite.” I’m talking to YOU Ken Cuccinelli – and others of your ilk (Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, Eric Can’tor, John Boehner, E.W. Jackson, Mark Obenshain, etc.). Where’s your outrage not just at Ferguson, but at the same stuff (militarized police forces suppressing people’s actual liberties) going on all over the country? Crickets.


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