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Hilarious: Most Politicized AG in History Calls Mark Herring “Most Politicized” AG in Country


Not that Ken Cuccinelli has any sense of irony, but to hear the guy who wildly misused/abused his office “by using it as a blatantly partisan bully pulpit to attack Obamacare, illegal immigrants, homosexuals and climate-change scientists” and “to bully Virginia’s Board of Health into a stance – unprecedented in state history – that could force most of the commonwealth’s 20 or soabortion clinics to close” call current Virginia AG Mark Herring the “most politicized” Attorney General in the country is certainly the height of irony. To listen to that howler, check out 3:20 of the audio. In reality, of course, Cooch is just pissed because he’s a raging homophobe and doesn’t want to see LGBT Virginians treated equally to all other Virginians.

For his part, Mark Herring came to the same conclusion as many other state Attorneys General, that to keep defending a constitutional amendment that court after court has found blatantly violates the U.S. constitution’s equal protection provisions is a complete waste of time, resources, and taxpayer money. Of course, AG Cuccinelli’s entire four years in office was a case study in wasting time, resources, and taxpayer money, so there’s a bit more irony for you, if you have a sense of irony of course (unlike Cuccinelli). 😉

P.S. Cuccinelli also claims says that Herring was “lying to voters to get elected;” “had to lie to become the Attorney General and then he turned on his clients.” Seriously? On second thought, don’t try to figure it out, just laugh derisively, sarcastically…or ironically? Heh.


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