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Video: Blast-From-The-Past as “TEA Party merges with anti-immigrant lobby in PW County, Virginia”


Eric Byler, director of the superb film 9500 Liberty (a must see!) — about the anti-immigrant movement in Prince William County, Virginia, and the courageous people who stood up to it — just posted this video (from July 4, 2009) on his Facebook page. Here’s Eric’s description:

A hate watch organization had asked me to film it. I had no intention of going, but I did at their request. I posted the video for their edification only, and never shared the link with anyone else until now. Prince William County, of course, had been the scene of an ugly but effective politicization of anti-immigrant sentiment for the 2007 election, and the battle had continued into 2008 as the film 9500 Liberty shows.

I haven’t re-watched the video. But my recollection 5 years later is that several anti-immigrant activists recognized me early on and some of them tried to stop me from filming by standing in front of the camera. I think you will see this in the video. I had to go hand-held so that I could get out of their way. And when I did so, I stood right next to the largest of the men. He didn’t touch me. He just said, “Well isn’t that nice,” or something to that effect.

The reason why the hate watch org. was interested was that a representative from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) was scheduled to speak, and on conservative entertainment channels and websites, this was being touted as the long-awaited merger of the anti-tax TEA Party with the anti-immigrant FAIR (and likeminded organizations).

The event was held at the Prince William County government center in Woodbridge, VA where many of the most memorable scenes from 9500 Liberty take place.

Chilling. Disturbing. Totally f’ed up. Any other descriptions you’d care to add to this video? Oh, and thanks to Eric Byler for his tireless, courageous work exposing extremism and bigotry like this.


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