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Video: Good Morning America Covers Stalking, Assault of House Minority Leader Toscano’s Wife


This is such a bizarre story in every way. That includes the fact that the alleged stalker’s attorney stated that he didn’t believe “it was in our best interest…to ask for bond.” Huh? Why wouldn’t an attorney ask for bond for their client? Also interesting is that none of the parties are saying a word about this case, at least on the record. That’s probably why there’s speculation, as the ABC News reporter concluded, that “you can’t help but think there’s a lot more going on with this.” At least theoretically, that could include potential political ramifications, although I certainly hope not as David Toscano is a strong progressive and articulate leader for Democrats in the House of Delegates.

It’s worth noting that, in the meantime, there seems to be a fair amount of flux in the House Democratic caucus these days: a) with this case hanging out there; and b) also with the race between Delegates Surovell and Filler-Corn to succeed Delegate Sickles as Caucus Chair. I’m not sure how these things might all fit together, if at all, but if – and it’s a BIG if – Toscano’s position were to open up for whatever reason, it seems to me that Surovell and Filler-Corn would be prime candidates to succeed him (so the race for Caucus Chair could be, at least in small part, jockeying for that seemingly far-fetched eventuality). But that’s getting wayyyy ahead of ourselves here, as for all we know Del. Toscano will be the Democratic House leader (hopefully “Majority” not “Minority” at some point!) for many years to come.


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