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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, August 30.

*Obama Weighing Delay in Action on Immigration

*Rebels besiege trapped Ukrainian volunteer soldiers

*Ellis Island in reverse: What happens to Guatemalans deported from U.S. (Shameful.)

*Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager resigns after Iowa bribery scandal deepens

*California lawmakers pass first U.S. plastic bag ban (Virginia should do the same, or at least slap a fee on plastic bags, bottles, etc. They are a menace to creatures of all types, including the whale that died the other day from having plastic blocking its stomach. Horrible stuff when not recycled and/or disposed of properly.)

*Federal judge blocks Texas abortion clinic law

*McDonnell trial: Arguments done, case goes to jury Tuesday (“The prosecutor ended his rebuttal by lambasting former Gov. Bob McDonnell in front of his family. The jury will hear the judge’s instructions after Labor Day, then start deliberating.”)

*The Most Bizarre Bits To Come Out Of The Trial Of Virginia’s Ex-Governor (#1: that Virginians ever elected this guy!)

*Dominion high-voltage line gives Pr. William jitters (“The company says it’s to serve a customer who will add to local growth but declines to say who that is.” WTF?)

*McDonnell prosecutor to jury: ‘This is corruption. The real thing.’ (“As closing arguments ended, lawyers for the ex-Va. governor said the government’s star witness lied.”)

*The whole Rolex thing

*Former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell should be held accountable, like others are (“Mr. McDonnell insinuated pay-to-play ethics in a state previously known for good government. He preached public austerity while enjoying the fruits of private luxury. He behaved as though the privileges of office provided carte blanche authority to play by special rules. Whether he is a criminal or not, he certainly is guilty.”)

*In Virginia, US Senate race unusually low key

*Coal or air? It’s a balancing act for Warner (Filthy, impoverishing coal or the planet? Tough choice – not!)

*Selvage: From Southwest Virginia, a path for less pollution (Nailed it!)

*Nats topple Seattle’s King Felix with a 10-hit, four-home run barrage

*Summer stages a comeback, just in time for its unofficial departure


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