Loser:Maureen McDonnell


    It’s not just that she’s going to jail, it’s that by now it must be trickling down into her brain what a lying, feckless piece of  scum her husband is.

    I read somewhere, fairly early in the proceedings, that Mrs Rolex DID ask if she could make a plea which would spare him. If true, she was willing to go to jail—with every horrible detail imaginable–to protect him. I think it would be safe to say that if she did this, she still loved  him.  

    And he was clearly willing to have her go to jail to save his worthless skin. He’s more like a robot, concocted along the best vote getting ideas available, with replaceable modules masquerading as feelings, honor, integrity, and commitment, beliefs, opinions, than anything else.

    When one of the modules malfunctions, or becomes inconvenient, the technicians who created him come in and replace it with something better. His marriage vows, he has now decided, were made to harridan. He has convinced himself it really is all her fault.

    On reflection, I’m not even sure Guv Rolex is human any more.

    Little did she imagine how dispensable she was to him. The Feds, as I recall, weren’t interested in her plea for a plea.  From their point  of view she was, I guess, just collateral damage.

    Then Guv Rolex brought in a new defense team that cooked up the harridan defense–which seems to have derived from her plea for a plea–but greatly amplified it. The strategy really could only benefit him. She agreed to it. If there was a defense for her, it wasn’t noticeable.

    There is a distinct possibility, though she was convicted on fewer counts, she will  be in jail longer than he will. That last felony conviction, for obstruction of justice, could, at least theoretically, put her in the slammer for 20 years. I doubt it will be that long, but how many times do you think  the newly freed ex-convict  Guv Rolex, who’s response to the trial was to leave her and move in with that convicted bawdy priest, and who glanced at her after the convictions were announced with such obvious disgust and loathing, will visit?  She’ll be lucky if he has the decency to wait to annul her until after she gets out of jail.  



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