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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 27. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which he talks about the effort against ISIL.

*U.S. carbon emissions surge, erasing progress (This is why the newly-proposed EPA Clean Power Plan is good, but not nearly aggressive enough. We need to put a serious price on carbon pollution ASAP.)

*Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire

*ALEC tries to prove it’s not lying about climate change, fails miserably (Of course they do!)

*Eric Holder’s legacy: Protecting civil rights

*What To Expect At The 2014 Values Voter Summit (In short: extremism, bigotry, and insanity. Just another day in FarRightWingnuttia.)

*Chelsea Clinton gives birth to a girl

*Good luck with that ethics panel, Virginia (“The very fact that leaders like Howell and Norment are in place and the primary system will make McAuliffe’s efforts very difficult. One wonders if you could go outside the diseased legislative system and forced change through the courts.”)

*Sen. Tim Kaine Speaks on ISIS Threat & Policy Options

*Our view: Legislators should take ethics panel seriously (“Unfortunately, House Speaker Bill Howell and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment sounded a dismissive note about the governor’s commission in a joint statement” – of course they did.)

*Dominion Power launching bid to bury power lines (“Dominion Virginia Power is beginning an estimated $2 billion program to place about 4,000 miles of historically outage-prone electric power lines underground by 2026.”)

*Virginia’s new ethics reform commission is a welcome step (Sure, although this line — “Mr. McAuliffe helped his cause by naming respected former officials as co-chairmen of the commission – former lieutenant governor Bill Bolling, a Republican who presided over the state Senate for eight years and served in it before that, and former representative Rick Boucher, a Democrat who served almost 30 years in Congress” – is just laughable.)

*Yet another poll … PPP has Warner up 13 points (My guess is that, in the end, Warner will win by 10-15 points.)

*Poll: Most Virginians approve of airstrikes

*Carr presses independent campaign against Morgan Griffith in 9th district (“Carr said he feels Griffith, often described as a conservative, has become too moderate during his time in office.” Hahahaha!)

*Feds: Norfolk schools ignored bullying, sexual harassment

*Fister’s complete game shutout clinches home-field edge for Nats

*Weekend weather will be near perfect


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