Barbara Comstock: Endorsed by Extremists, Silent on Marriage Equality, Attacks Daily Kos Instead


    Gotta love it: a) Barbara Comstock has been endorsed by some of the rabid, hateful, bigoted, extreme individuals in the entire country — people like Mark Levin, Sean  Hannity, the anti-Semitic “joke” guy, etc.; b) Comstock has supported extreme legislation herself, such as mandatory, state-enforced, transvaginal ultrasounds on women; c) Comstock has spent much of her career as a Republican attack dog and witch hunter, obsessed with the Clintons among others; and d) most recently, she’s had no comment whatsoever on yesterday’s momentous, historic events regarding marriage equality, but she has plenty of time to attack a progressive blog (and John Foust’s utterly innocuous/standard Democratic responses to their survey, which you can read here). I remember back in 2006 when the George Allen folks attacked Jim Webb for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on Daily Kos, and how that “attack” had zero impact on Allen’s electoral prospects a few weeks later. Let’s hope the same thing applies this year in the Comstock-Foust race.


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