I should be ashamed of myself


    So, after spending all night responding to 911 medical calls (I’m an EMT with a rural volunteer rescue squad), I was sitting in front of the teevee with Wolf blabbering while I read Ruth Marcus’ comedy routine in today’s WashPost in which she says Jeb Bush will pull the GOTP back to the center (ROTFLMAO!!).

    Then the phone rang.

    Calling me was a pleasant-sounding young lady who identified herself as calling from the Ed Gillespie campaign.  She asked me what I thought of the fact that Mark Warner VOTED WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA 97% OF THE TIME (GASP!!! SHOCK!! CLUTCH PEARLS!!!).  I allowed as how THAT’S AWFUL — 97% OF THE TIME??  REALLY?

    To which she replied, “Yes, really.”

    To which I replied:  “He should have voted with President Obama 100% OF THE TIME!!!!!”

    Silence.  Then she hung up.

    That wasn’t very nice of me.


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