The Quiet Competence of President Obama


    I am nowhere near as articulate as everyone else who posts diaries on Blue Virginia.  Thus, I have to let others speak for me.

    I commend to everyone this opinion by The Rude Pundit:

    If you listen to the media mostly on the right, but some on the left, by this point in the administration of President Barack Obama, we should be in a Road Warrior-like hellscape of crushing debt, death panels sending us off to concentration camp ovens and calling it “medicine,” riots in the streets over the confiscation of guns, surveillance nano-drones entering our rectums in order to hear what our brains are thinking, undocumented Mexicans with Ebola or terrorist ties or huge calf muscles torturing cops all along the border before suicide bombing our malls and infecting our babies, and Christians being whipped in their homes by ululating Muslims who force them to kiss the Koran or face being beheaded, all while our Negro dictator and his transgender wife laugh with their Negro cabal and Wall Street cronies about the misery of everyone who fraudulently voted for them. And that’s without getting deep into Crazyville with conspiracy theories of a rogue regime engaged in constant false flag operations in order to impose greater control over the population (how ya doin’, Naomi Wolf?) or whatever the hell Alex Jones or Dinesh D’Souza are spewing about today.

    Any of those things could be happening. Except they’re not…

    Read the full article.

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