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Video: In LWV Debate, Rep. Connolly Utterly Demolishes GOP Opponent on Issue After Issue


Last night, Rep. Gerry Connolly participated in the League of Women Voters 11th CD debate in Prince William County, and the utter demolition of his Republican opponent – on issue after issue, from the Affordable Care Act to Social Security to the Ryan budget to Metro to immigration to…you name it – was a sight to behold (embarrassing, frankly, if you’re a supporter of the Republican candidate). Here are some snippets: 1) Connolly taking his Republican opponent apart on the Affordable Care Act (12:05-14:37); 2) on telecommuting (19:15-22:26); 3) on Social Security (37:10-41:12); 4) on Voting Rights (43:51-47:36); 5) on Planned Parenthood funding (49:23-50:47); 6) on Metro extension to Prince William County (54:50-58:13); 7) on the disastrous Ryan budget (1:03:11-1:06:05); and 8) on immigration reform (1:22:54-1:27:04). The bottom line is that the Republican candidate is far, far, far out of her league here – not even close to being ready for prime time.

  • U2Bneutral

    Tomorrow evening in Leesburg and then next Tuesday in Kingstowne.

    Thursday, October 16, 2014

    7:00-8:30pm Leesburg Senior Center

    102 North Street NW

    Leesburg, VA 20176

    Meet and Greet the Candidates of the 10th Congressional District. Sponsored by LWV Loudoun County  

    Tuesday, October 21, 2014

    7:00-9:00pm Kingstowne Center for Active Adults

    6488 Landsdowne Center

    Kingstowne, VA 22315

    Meet and Greet the Candidates of the 8th Congressional District. Cosponsored by LWVFA, LWV of Alexandria, LWV of Arlington, LWV of the City of Falls Church, AARP, CAPAVA, AAUW Mt. Vernon Branch, Lee District Association of Civic Organizations, Mason District Council  

    The other 5 previous are on the LWV website at


    We have really good audio this year, they let me do it my way and they have all turned out really well. We had almost 200 people there last night and similar in McLean last week. If you have questions to ask, show up !!! Worst case send them to me at InsideScoop@NoVa.org and I will put them on a note card and submit them for you, but no guarantee they will be covered. There has been no lack of interest among the crowds that have turned out.

    Glad to help !!!

  • sonofkenny

    I actually began to feel sorry for her. She seems like a nice person, and on a couple of issues if I understood her correctly she took a more moderate position than her Party (on immigration for example). Still, she just is not ready for prime time as you say. And Gerry…he really knows his stuff…and more importantly knows his district…all parts of it…