Video: Meet the Press Panel Rips Candidates, Media for Irresponsible Fear Mongering on Ebola


    There’s not doubt that Republicans Mike Huckabee, Thom Tillis and Scott Brown are fear-mongering nutjobs, preying on the absolute worst in human nature for political purposes. But still, claiming that some poor person from Africa, dying of Ebola, is going to a) have enough money to buy a plane ticket to Mexico; b) even think about doing that while they’re poor, sick and possibly dying of Ebola; c) walk from Mexico, while sick with/dying from Ebola, into the U.S., after implausibly flying from Africa; d) go around intentionally smearing their bodily fluids on people in order to infect them with Ebola; is beyond stupid, beyond insane, into truly evil, loony-tunes territory.

    Sad to say, we’re getting some of this rhetoric here in Virginia, and I have yet to see a SINGLE editorial board call it out. For instance, just a few days ago, Republican (of course) U.S. Senate nominee Ed Gillespie stated made the insane (if he actually believes it) comment that “the fact that we have a porous southern border today is not just an immigration concern, it is a…public health threat…with the growing concerns about Ebola.” Frankly, that statement right there should eliminate Gillespie from ever being considered for public office of any kind, as it shows him to be a wildly irresponsible demagogue who should not be taken in any way, shape or form seriously by anyone (just like Huckabee, Tillis, etc.). It’s truly maddening that the corporate/”both sides” media DOES take them seriously, treats them as reasonable players in the “game,” and almost NEVER calls them out. Argh.

    Anyway, that’s why I was pleasantly surprised (shocked actually) to see Chuck Todd and his panelists on Meet the Press this morning nail this fear-mongering bull**** for what it is: “irresponsible” and “wrong.” Good to see, now we need a LOT more of this from the corporate media.


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