Who paid for the tailgate party???


    Now that we know the “President of the Navajo Nation” seated with Dan Snyder was voted out of office because of criminal activity, maybe now we can answer another question:  Who paid for the tailgate party?


    A bunch of pics are circulating on Facebook today (mostly on Redskins fan pages) that supposedly show a big Native American tailgate at the game and people holding signs saying “proud Navajo Redskins fan.” I’m betting Snyder paid for the tailgate and paid for tickets to the game for all of those who showed up.  Wonder if there is a way to find out.

    • ir003436

      Snyder paid for the whole thing!!


    • that anyone defending Snyder or doing his bidding is either on Snyder’s payroll or a “useful idiot.” Why ELSE would anyone defend that guy or do his bidding?