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Over 210,000 Virginians Submit Comments In Support of Curbing Carbon Pollution


From Environment Virginia: 

Virginians’ Support for EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan and Tackling Climate Change 

Richmond, VA – Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first began collecting them, more than 7 million Americans have already submitted public comments in support of national standards to limit dangerous carbon pollution from power plants, including 210,825 public comments submitted from Virginians. This reflects the strong desire of Virginians across the commonwealth for solutions to address climate change and its impact on our health and the economy. 

At a press conference in Richmond’s Capitol Square, a coalition of Virginia groups supporting these essential clean air safeguards gathered to showcase this public support and urge Virginia’s leaders to support the Clean Power Plan. Following the event, a sample of these comments will be delivered to Virginia’s leaders such as the Department of Environmental Quality and Virginia’s U.S. Senators.

Speakers included Sarah Bucci with Environment Virginia, Bob Keefe, Executive Director of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), and Terra Pascarosa, Virginia Representative with Mom’s Clean Air Force and her 2-year old son.

These organizations offer the following statement in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan: 

“Seven million public comments collected nationally and more than 210,000 comments collected here in Virginia in favor of limiting dangerous carbon pollution is a remarkable and unequivocal show of support for protecting our health and our economy from the devastating impacts of climate change. 

With rising seas threatening our coast, the need to solve the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. Virginians know the time for action is now. We applaud the EPA for taking action to curb dangerous carbon pollution from power plants which poses a wide range of health threats to our families, our communities as well as to wildlife and our outdoor heritage because of rising temperatures, extreme weather and other impacts. 

Virginia can meet and exceed the goals laid out in the Clean Power Plan to curb Virginia’s carbon pollution through investments in energy efficiency and the deployment of clean energy resources like wind and solar power. Not only will this plan reduce pollution and protect public health, but help spur growth in Virginia’s clean energy economy. 

When it comes to addressing climate change and its impact on our health, Virginians want leadership and action. We urge the EPA to finalize the strongest possible standards and for Virginia’s leaders to support the Clean Power Plan.” 

The following groups collected and delivered more than 210,000 comments in support of the EPA’s proposed carbon pollution limits for new power plants and Clean Power Plan:

Appalachian Voices

Center for Rural Affairs

Chesapeake Climate Action Network


Environment America

Environmental Defense Fund

Environment Virginia

League of Conservation Voters

League of Women Voters

Mom’s Clean Air Force

National Wildlife Federation

Natural Resources Defense Council

Organizing for Action

Public Citizen

Save Our Environment

Sierra Club

Sierra Club, Virginia Chapter

Virginia Conservation Network

Virginia Interfaith Power & Light


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