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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, November 29.

*Oil prices keep plummeting as OPEC starts a price war with the US

*Federal Judge Finds Goodell’s Story Was A Lie, Immediately Reinstates Ray Rice To NFL (The NFL is basically a cesspool of corruption, misogyny, violence, etc.)

*Deep South justice in Ferguson

*Another reason to avoid reading the comments

*Red State Editor: ‘I’d Have Shot Mike Brown Right In His Face’ (Disgusting comment, but I’m not surprised given who said it.)

*The coming wave of anti-abortion laws (Move right along, no “war on women” here. Uh, nope.)

*Paul Krugman: Pollution and Politics (“Of course, polluters will defend their right to pollute, but why can they count on Republican support? When and why did the Republican Party become the party of pollution? For it wasn’t always thus.”)

*Egyptian Court Dismisses All Charges Against Mubarak

*Senate Democrats add Mark Warner to leadership team (Elizabeth Warren the progressive populist, Mark Warner the anti-progressive populist. Should be interesting!)

*U.Va.: Rolling Stone Article Shines New Light on an Old Problem

*What Jim Webb Will Bring to the Presidential Race in 2016 (“Mr. Webb could bring a robust populist message, Mr. Freedlander argues, adding that he talks ‘about not just curbing the power of big banks but about an inequality agenda that goes beyond raising taxes and the minimum wage in order to help lower middle-class families gain more of a foothold.'”)

*Bill introduced to legalize small amounts of marijuana (Good.)

*Va. gas tax set to rise if Congress fails to pass online sales tax bill (Kind of a non-story at this point, given how low oil prices have fallen – and continue to fall.)

*State group makes 12 recommendations for updating SOLs

*Our view: When Virginia was District One

*Petersburg School Board member dropping out of race for Dance’s House seat

*Stopping pension parade (“A seeming parade of longtime state lawmakers resigned this year, only to be offered – and in most cases, accept – more lucrative employment elsewhere in state government.”)

*Beavers, bouncing back, create big dam problem in Chesapeake

*D.C. area forecast: Cool today, but warming up through Monday


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