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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 25.

*No indictment in Ferguson (“Buildings burn as protests boil over”)

*In Brown’s home town, a pause to listen, then outrage (That prosecutor’s statement was godawful in just about every way.)

*This Is The Dystopian World We Are Leaving For Today’s Teenagers

*White House seeks a stronger hand in the next defense secretary (“Hagel worked behind the scenes but seemed too deferential to generals in strategy meetings, officials say.

*Ted Cruz’s dad rails against ‘pro-murder’ progressives: Christians need to take America back! (On E.W. Jackson’s weekly call, no less. LOL)

*Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Is Just the Latest to Go Unprosecuted for a Fatal Shooting (“Since 2004, St. Louis County police officers have killed people in at least 14 cases. Few faced grand juries, and none was charged.”)

*Media Lessons From The Benghazi Charade (“Benghazi conspiracies represent a vile chapter in American politics, built upon hypocrisy and cynical Fox News ethics.”)

*Terry McAuliffe is unhappy – with Democrats (“Why come out and vote for the Democratic Party? There was no message to say: Here’s what we’ve done. I wish the party or whoever had done a national media campaign and say, here’s what you get when you elect Democrats.”)

*Special election to fill Dance’s House seat set for Jan. 6

*Legislators promise action on campus sexual assaults; UVa board meets today

*Almost 800 cast provisional ballots because of voter ID law

*Virginia budget hole puts tax break for cars “on the table” (I’d say there’s zero chance the Teapublican-controlled House of Delegates would agree to that.)

*Senators propose gift ban for Va. officials (Sorry, but $100 is not a “ban.” Why not make it ZERO?)

*McAuliffe: ‘Huge headwinds’ for Virginia economy (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe emerged from a long morning meeting with state industry leaders concerned about ‘head winds’ facing Virginia’s economy, but mum on how his administration will react when it releases a new state budget draft next month.”)

*U-Va. response to reports of sexual assault is too little, far too late (I agree with the Post, “pathetic” is the word.)

*U-Va. student leaders hoping to foster culture change (“After allegations of a gang rape at a fraternity, students advocate for major changes regarding sexual assault.”)

*Our view: Political orinthology (Yes, they actually misspelled “ornithology” in their headline. Ever hear of copy editors?)

*Fairfax County hires former Mark McGwire lawyer in John Geer police shooting case

*Washington area seeks to break free from federal spending (“Mandated program cuts leaving gaping holes in revenue projections from Annapolis to Richmond.”)

*Curtain rises on Virginia Beach arena

*Calm before Wednesday’s winter storm: Rain, highs in the 50s (“The area’s transition from rain to wet snow won’t happen until Wednesday.”)


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