Del. Joe Morrissey to Resign, then Immediately Run in Special Election on 1/13/15


    Joe Morrissey – No member of the Virginia House of Delegates dating back to the House of Burgesses has ever been forced to resign. No case or constitutional precedent. However, because of the respect he has for this institution and desire not to be a distraction, he has a few moments ago tendered his resignation as a delegate to the Clerk of the Virginia House of Delegates, effective January 13, 2015. A special election will, not coincidentally, be held on that same date – January 13, 2015.  Morrissey then announces his candidacy for the special election! “It’s the voters who must decide…right now there is a bit of a cloud or a taint” over my seat.  Morrissey says he will seek the Democratic nomination – firehouse primary, convention, whatever process is set, he’ll abide by them.