US Economy Creates 321,000 Jobs in November, Obama Jobs Boom Continues


    The private sector created 321,000 private sector jobs in November, making 2014 the best year for job creation since 1999. Businesses have now added 10.9 million jobs during the six-year Obama administration (though that number is partially offset by the elimination of 1 million public sector jobs via misguided austerity policies). Compare that to just 1.1 million net jobs created during President George W. Bush’s entire eight years in office.

    “November was the 50th consecutive month of positive job growth – the best stretch since 1939 – and the 56th consecutive month in which we’ve seen private-sector job growth – the longest on record,” says MSNBC’s Steve Benen, who created the chart below. “It remains very difficult for President Obama’s critics to explain these numbers: the hiring boom is underway after tax increases and full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”


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