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Video: More Wit and Wisdom…Actually Bigotry and Extremism…from E.W. Jackson


1. Jackson reiterates his frequently-expressed, yet still completely false, view that Barack Obama “is not a Christian.”

2. Jackson also reiterates his frequently-expresses, yet still completely false, view that America is a “Christian nation.”

3. Jackson claims that Barack Obama thinks he’s “smarter than the Bible” and “smarter than god.” (is this guy utterly obsessed with Barack Obama or what?)

4. He says if “any Christian who goes to a church where they say you ought to support the Democrat (sic) Party…you ought to get out of that church…[because churches like that] do not include the Bible and the word of god.”

5. “I say to black people in the Democrat (sic) Party who are caught up in it, as I was once caught up in it…I say to them…touch not the unclean thing.”

6. “It is clear that the Democrat (sic) Party has become the godless, anti-Christian, anti-faith, anti-bible, anti-family, anti-life party…Think about the progressive coalition that the party is part of…at some point as a Christian one has to ask, am I being on the lord’s side in associating myself with these people…all Christians must come out of the Democrat (sic) Party.”

7. “If I love god, and these people are demonstrating they hate god…because god is in the way of their amoral vision of what life ought to be…well then why in the world would any Christian or believing Jew want to be associated with them?”

8. He claims Barack Obama is an anti-Semite (because Obama won’t do everything Bibi Netanyahu wants him to do and because he follows long-standing U.S. policy about a two-state solution, settlements, etc.). Yes, Jackson’s completely bonkers, but remember, Republicans nominated him last year for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

9. Showing absolutely no self awareness of sense of irony, Jackson says he won’t follow Louis Farrakhan because Farrakhan is “full of hatred and evil and lies.” Speaking of “full of hatred” and “lies,” Jackson really needs to look in the mirror once in a while.

10. He strongly recommends watching Fox News, claims it’s really “fair and balanced.” He also recommends Rush Limbaugh as a “tremendous source of information.” Shocker.


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