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Special Election for Joe Morrissey’s House Seat: Live Blog


(How did Joe Morrissey win last night? I have a few thoughts here. – promoted by lowkell)

I’ll provide whatever updates I see regarding today’s special election in Virginia’s 74th House of Delegates district (currently held by Joe Morrissey) in this diary. Feel free to add anything you’re seeing/hearing in the comments section. Thanks.

UPDATE 8:24 pm: Final results are Morrissey 2,840 (42.26%) – Sullivan 2,243 (33.37%), Walton 1,622 (24.13%).

UPDATE 8:20 pm: @AmyEGardner tweets, “Morrissey wins Charles City County. It’s over. Walton 282; Sullivan 343; Morrissey 474; write-in 10.” My god. Tomorrow is going to be, uh, interesting in the Virginia House of Delegates!

UPDATE 8:04 pm: With 29/33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey 2,366 (42%)-Sullivan 1,900 (34%)-Walton 1,340 (24%).

UPDATE 8:02 pm: Melissa J. Hipolit tweets, “It’s past curfew and still no sign of #JoeMorrissey at the jail.”

UPDATE 8:01 pm: @JoeStGeorge tweets, “Major reason this is so close? Voters I talked to said they never heard of the Democratic candidate Kevin Sullivan.” Right, never heard of him before this.

UPDATE 7:53 pm: @JoeStGeorge tweets, “Morrissey has seven minutes to get back to Henrico jail…..@MelissaCBS6 is he back there yet?”

UPDATE 7:49 pm: @JoeStGeorge tweets, “Speaking with Morrissey supporters today….they simply don’t believe the criticism…many say they have been wronged by the system too.”

UPDATE 7:40 pm: With 28 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey 2,267 (42%)-Sullivan 1,846 (34%)-Walton 1,296 (24%).

UPDATE 7:40 pm: With 26 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey 2,095 (42%)-Sullivan 1,723 (34%)-Walton 1,227 (24%). Doesn’t look like Sullivan can pull this off, sad to say. If not, is the next step expulsion? Then what?

UPDATE 7:35 pm: With 20 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey 1,641 (44.5%)-Sullivan 1,223 (33.2%)-Walton 819 (22.2%).

UPDATE 7:31 pm: With 14 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey 1,114 (49.2%)-Sullivan 855 (37.8%)-Walton 292 (12.9%). Ugh.

UPDATE 7:27 pm: With 7 of 33 precincts reporting, it’s Morrissey (I) 499, Sullivan (D) 293, Walton (R) 103. Uh oh.

UPDATE 7:24 pm: Still waiting for the first results…cue Jeopardy music.

UPDATE 7:03 pm: Melissa J. Hipolit tweets, “If #joemorrissey wins, this is where he would have his ‘victory party.'” (followed by image of his jail- ouch!)

UPDATE 6:50 pm: Melissa J. Hipolit tweets, “Just visited #joemorrissey’s cell in the special housing unit at Henrico East jail. @CBS6 #VA74 Heard a lot of ‘Vote for Joe’ from inmates.” LOL

UPDATE 6:40 pm: @PostRoz (Rosalind Helderman of the Washington Post) tweets, “Just 20 minutes before polls close in Va. Del. Joe Morrissey special election. And 1 hr 20 min before Joe returns to jail for the night.” Hahaha.

UPDATE 6:32 pm: Markus Schmidt of the RTD tweets, “Turnout in #VA74 special elex remains high, might break the 5,000 mark before polls close at 7pm.”

UPDATE 6:02 pm: CBS6 journalist Joe St. George tweets, “I asked Joe Morrissey this afternoon if he felt confident he told me ‘I do.'”

UPDATE 6:00 pm: WTVR CBS 6 investigative reporter Melissa J. Hipolit tweets, “Covering special election for Joe #Morrissey’s seat. So far, roughly 3,000 voters have cast ballots. That’s 7% turnout…Morrissey is currently out campaigning, but is required to be back in jail at 8 pm. Polls close @ 7”


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