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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning (MLK, Jr. Day)


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, January 19. Also, check out VP Biden’s speech to the Organization of Minority Women’s 31st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, starting about 8:45 am.

*Martin Luther King and the struggle for civil rights, then and now (It’s still very much a struggle, as events of 2014 made clear.)

*U.S.-built Ebola centers in Liberia are nearly empty (So much for the forecasts of disaster.)

*Poll: Run Hillary. Run Mitt. (“They fare much better than Christie and Perry in a survey of would-be contenders.”)

*The reinvention of Mitt Romney (“Former Obama campaign aides mock their 2012 opponent’s new anti-poverty crusade.”)

*Krugman: Hating Good Government (“And why this hatred of government in the public interest? Well, the political scientist Corey Robin argues that most self-proclaimed conservatives are actually reactionaries. That is, they’re defenders of traditional hierarchy – the kind of hierarchy that is threatened by any expansion of government, even (or perhaps especially) when that expansion makes the lives of ordinary citizens better and more secure. I’m partial to that story, partly because it helps explain why climate science and health economics inspire so much rage.”)

*Sen. Tim Kaine arrives in Israel with bipartisan congressional delegation

*Time to upgrade drinking water protections

*Virginia’s minimum wage back in cross hairs (Nobody can live on $7.25 an hour, that’s beyond pathetic. How about double it?)

*$2.6 million project to help Virginia forests

*Sen. Bill Stanley seeks to restore program to attract doctors to Southwest Virginia

*Newport News march honors Martin Luther King Jr. and 23-year-old slain resident

*Virginia university expresses regret for actions during civil rights era (“Longwood stood by while a major battle over education rights unfolded right at its doorstep.”)

*Civil rights group allied with NFL wants R**skins name change

*Professional photographers challenge $100 fee to shoot in Fairfax County parks

*Nats land ace pitcher Max Scherzer (“The addition of the prized free agent makes Washington the favorite to win the World Series.” Yes, I’m looking forward to baseball season!)

*Breezy and sunny for MLK Day; a dose of wintry mix possible on Wednesday