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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 25. As for that photo from yesterday’s “clown car” event put on by raving bigot and extremist Steve King in Iowa, I had to post it simply because I thought it was hilarious, and also because it epitomizes the lunacy of the Teapublican Party these days.

*Obama Lands in India, With Aim of Improving Ties

*Outrage in Japan as Video Appears to Show Victim of ISIS

*Sarah Palin ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 bid (Hahahaha.)

*GOP clown car runs into ditch (“Simon says the Republican Party’s clown car has become a clown van.”)

*CNN’s Newt Gingrich Parrots Debunked Right-Wing Smear About Hillary Clinton And Boko Haram (Gingrich is truly a horrible, horrible human being.)

*The Jindal-Hate Group Relationship You Won’t Hear About This Weekend (“When it comes to GOP politics, media outlets have a hard time seeing what’s newsworthy about a hate group like AFA being used to cement the campaign of a potential presidential candidate.”)

*Greeks vote in ‘make-or-break’ poll

*Schapiro: A scenario under which assembly elections actually matter (“It’s not just losing [in court] that scares House Republicans. They’re panicking over the possible remedy – that the court draws new districts and orders a special election.”)

*With Medicaid expansion unlikely, hospitals and lawmakers in bind (“Virginia lawmakers are beginning to see what lies on the other side of their decision not to expand Medicaid or health coverage of uninsured Virginians.” Except it’s not “lawmakers” generally, it’s REPUBLICANS specifically who have been blocking this. Why won’t the corporate media just SAY THAT?!?)

*Killings of blacks by police in Virginia fuel debate

*Rose: To prosper, Southwest Virginia must break with coal (Yep, coal’s been a disaster for Appalachia.)

*Letter: Mountain Valley Pipeline would harm Southwest Virginia’s economy

*Avoiding bad deals for transportation (“The errors and reckless decisions that shaped key transportation projects under former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s administration were so egregious, so inexplicable, that lawmakers rightfully feel burned. And they appear increasingly willing to overhaul the state’s Public-Private Transportation Act to prevent them from happening again and to ensure that the public’s interests are served.”)

*Privacy concerns create strange alliances in Richmond

*Virginia GOP elects John Whitbeck as new chairman (No comment from DPVA on the anti-Semitic “joke” dude?)

*Virginia bars’ happy hours might become less secretive if bill passes (“A Fairfax delegate’s proposed law would let bars detail their drink specials, though not prices.”)

*Heroin overdose deaths alarm leaders in Maryland, Virginia

*Former Del. Phil Hamilton says feds target Virginia politicians (Well maybe if they’d get their own act together…)

*Restraining or secluding Va. schoolchildren demands strict guidelines

*Dominion power line project also needs federal approval (If Domninion would encourage, instead of blocking, distributed power like rooftop solar, plus energy efficiency of course, it wouldn’t need to build more power lines.)

*Snowfall tonight could make for a dicey Monday morning commute


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